WiFi Motion Sensor

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PIR is a passive infrared detector or physical sensor. When the PIR is triggered, PIR will send message to the App. The PIR is battery powered, is small and can be installed easily.


1. Model: COL-PR01W

2. Battery: CR123A x 1

3. Battery Life: 1 years (25 times/day) 2years(10 times/day)

4. Standby current: 20uA

5. Detection range: 7 meters

6. Sensitive angle: 110°

7. Wireless Type: 2.4GHz

8. WiFi distance: 45m

9. Product size(L*W*H): 45 x 45 x 48mm


• When alarm triggered, LED light flashes in the detection area.

• Easily install with screws or sticker .

• No hub requirement