WiFi Door/Windows Sensor

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  • 144,99 kr DKK / Stk.

Coolseer WiFi D/W Sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. It can detect the status of a door or window (open or close) and have it reported to your mobile devices.


1. Model: COL-DS01W

2. Battery: CR2 x 1

3. Battery Life: 1 years (15 times/day) 2years(7 times/day)

4. Standby current: 10uA

5. Wireless Type: 2.4GHz

6. WiFi distance: 45m

7. Product size(L*W*H): 68 x 68 x 24mm


• Easily install with screws or sticker .

• Detecting the status of door or window(open or close)

• Trigger other devices to open or close like switch, socket and so on

• No hub requirement

• Work with Tuya Smart