WiFi Breaker

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Coolseer WiFi Smart Breaker works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home. It can control household appliances freely with your smart home app, set timer-remote control while you are at home or outside.


1.Model: COL-WB01W

2.control: one way

3.Power consumption < 0.5W

4.Power input: AC 90V~250V

5.Max power: 10A/1100W for 110V, 2200W for 220V

6.Material: Fire resistance PC+ABS

7.Wireless Type: WI-FI 2.4GHz

8.Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home


• Easy to install

• Companion app allows you to control your outlet remotely

• WiFi connectivity links to your home or office network

• Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home